Water systems

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Green Float

More than 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water. There are many water systems worldwide that are quickly affected by algae, mussels and other growth, such as water reservoirs, water intake filters or growth on bridges and locks. Such growth diminishes the function and service life of the system. H2O Technics has the solution for this issue.

Water intake

Water intake systems for cooling equipment are susceptible to sea organisms. Mussels, barnacles and various types of algae attach themselves, increasing the load on the pump. Worst case scenario: biofouling could clog up condensers and heat exchangers, thereby limiting their efficiency. This makes proper maintenance essential. H2O Technics offers solutions that will continuously maintain your water intake.

Cooling water systems

Cooling towers are microbiologically checked and tested for the presence of bacteria on a regular basis. The inhalation of water vapour contaminated with legionella can be life threatening. Bactericidal substances, i.e. biocides, are added to the water. What also works is a combination of ultrasonic sound waves and ultraviolet light. Nano cavitation by H2O Technics is an innovative and affordable method to achieve this goal in an even easier way.


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The technology

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