“Offshore” refers to all sorts of activities that take place at some distance from the coast. For most people the term offshore brings oil platforms to mind, but it also includes wind energy and aquaculture. Together, offshore partners form a broad target group that continuously has to deal with all types of biofouling, barnacle growth, mussels, algae and other organisms. H2O Technics will help you prevent such problems.


The undesired growth and accumulation of micro-organisms, plants and animals in sea water can cause a lot of damage for businesses. One example of biofouling is the growth of barnacles on ships’ hulls, which substantially affects a ship’s speed and manoeuvrability. The shipping trade has to cope with various forms of unwanted organisms in many areas, such as the intake of cooling water, where the grids could become completely blocked. In larger ships, the ballast in tanks could cause great problems.

Water intake

Water intake systems for cooling equipment require a lot of maintenance due to the growth of mussels, barnacles and other organisms. Apart from this resulting in a decreasing water supply and heavier pump load, biofouling could also clog up condensers and heat exchangers, which would limit the heat transfer.

The technology

Using the power of nature
Made in The Netherlands
Environmentally friendly
Safe for humans and animals
No chemicals