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Green Float

Are you tired of continuously seeing algae in your pond? Tired of using expensive chemicals? Then we have the right solution for you! It’s been known for quite a while that ultrasonic waves kill algae. Due to developments in the fields of electronics and physics, in combination with an improved understanding of the biology of algae, you can now easily apply this technology. H2O Technics is the first company in the world to offer this revolutionary technology for ponds.

H2O Technics

The H2O Technics resonator will clear and keep your pond free of algae by using ultrasonic vibrations. Due to their high frequency, humans or fish cannot hear these vibrations. It takes time to destroy filamentous and blue-green algae. Once these algae are killed, they will appear on the surface of the water and can easily be removed. After the resonator has been in use for several weeks, the pond will be clean and require only minimum maintenance.

The result

When using the H2O Technics resonators, your pond will be and remain clear of algae. Ultrasonic vibrations will not harm your fish, which can only detect vibrations of 10 Hz max. with their swim bladders.

We advise against using the H2O Technics resonator during the period that you wish to collect spawn for farming purposes, as the ultrasonic vibrations will sterilise the eggs.


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What are algae?

Filamentous and floating algae are, in fact, plants. They naturally occur in any type of water, which includes ponds. As is the case with other plants, they grow by consuming nutrients and by converting sunlight into sugars. We prefer to not have any or not too many algae in our ponds, because it looks very unappealing and it adversely affects a pond’s ecosystem.

Two types of algae

There are roughly two main varieties: filamentous algae and floating algae. Filamentous algae are long green strings that grow towards the water surface from attachment points. Once they have reached the surface, they cling together and form floating blankets. Floating algae causes water to be cloudy and green in colour. Where filamentous algae are concerned, the water in the pond is usually clear. Unfortunately, algae never disappears by itself, which means you have to undertake action.

The technology

Using the power of nature
Made in The Netherlands
Environmentally friendly
Safe for humans and animals
No chemicals