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Aqua Farming Solutions

Aqua Farming Solutions B.V. is a subsidiary of H2O Technics B.V., specialist in solutions for fish farms. Sea lice are a big problem for salmon farmers. This crustacean, which is usually smaller than 1 cm, attaches itself to the skin of the salmon. There, it finds its way through the mucus layer and the skin into the salmon’s bloodstream, where it feeds. The small creatures grow and the females lay their eggs.

Currently, sea lice are controlled with pesticides. The use of these harmful substances has substantially increased over the past years. However, sea lice have become resistant to these pesticides. Currently, there is a sea lice infestation that could be explained by this resistance. Another disadvantage: these pesticides are not selective and are, therefore, also lethal to crabs, lobsters, shrimp and more. Residues have been found in underground waters.

The solution to sea lice

AFS proudly presents the C-Dome. This solution is 100% sustainable. It prevents the reproduction of lice and other ectoparasites, barnacle seeds and algae cells.


The C-Dome contains 4 powerful AFS C-110 resonators and is operated by a unique computer system, which is installed in two waterproof casings.

The C-Dome is positioned in the centre of the cage and the waterproof casings are mounted onto the cage frame. The C-dome has a built-in air chamber, allowing it to float at the desired level. It is made of 100% polyethylene. The C-Dome has a 70 cm diameter and weighs approx. 20 kg.
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Since fish cages come in all shapes and sizes, we have developed the V-Dome.

The V-Dome holds 2 AFS C-110 resonators which can be fixed at any desired angle, making the system suitable for all cage models. The waterproof casing with the unique computer system and the V-Dome are both mounted onto the cage frame.

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How does it work?

The powerful titanium resonators convert the energy present in water into kinetic energy. The resonators generate microscopic vibrations in large quantities. The water starts to move at high frequency, creating microscopic cavities. These implode, causing the creation of billions of water jets.

The water jets eliminate the algae seeds and ectoparasites between 0.2 mm and 0.7 mm in size. The way it works can be compared to a high pressure cleaner, albeit it on a much smaller scale.

Where sea lice are concerned, their central nervous system is affected, making them lose their ability to remain attached to the fish. The parasites are expelled and their reproduction process stopped.

The C-Dome is a 100% sustainable method of controlling lice and other ectoparasites, barnacles and algae cells. It makes quick work of a big problem for salmon farmers and they will see their costs reduced. Furthermore, there is no more need for unwanted chemicals!


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The technology

Using the power of nature
Made in The Netherlands
Environmentally friendly
Safe for humans and animals
No chemicals