About us

Family business

H2O Technics B.V. is a Dutch family business engaged in the distribution and maintenance of H2O Nano cavitation systems. These systems eliminate harmful organisms, parasites, algae and biofouling. H2O Technics operates through various subsidiary companies and business divisions.


The entire production process takes place in the Netherlands (ISO9001/CSR). The Nano cavitation systems are produced in Barendrecht by H2O Europe. Assembly and any customer-specific additions are handled by the H2O Technics head office in Wieringerwerf.


The technology has been in use since 1988 for professional ponds and since 2010 for ships and yachts. Because H2O Europe is continuously improving the technology, H2O Technics was established in 2016 to provide more market sectors with environmentally friendly Nano cavitation.

Our people

Nina Hanssen

Johan Boersen

Jan-Willem Boersen

Kees Boersen

Sander Boersen

Kelly Meekel

Renate Rotgans

Sebas de Reus

Sandor Doesburg

The technology

Using the power of nature
Made in The Netherlands
Environmentally friendly
Safe for humans and animals
No chemicals